Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Hello faithful blog followers!

I've snuck the laptop into my room finally to debrief about a few areas of my life to you...

I sit here on a Wednesday, 10:30 at night - finally having a moment to type. Tomorrow night I am holding my Frocktober event (7-9pm at The Point, Ballina, $10) You should totally come!!!

I woke up at 6am to go for a walk with Molly and pray. As I was praying this morning, I had a slight inclination that there was going to be some good surprises today, and there was!!! Let me tell you...

I went and caught up with our Operations Pastor, but also my friend Annaliese, while chatting with her my friend Taryn was trying to call, but, my phone was on silent so I missed her. As soon as I left Annaliese I called Taryn back.
Taryn works for the guy that runs Bluesfest & she phoned to tell me, that her boss wanted to donate 2 tickets to my frocktober event. A 5 day Bluesfest pass, valued at $410 and a 3 day pass valued at $305! I was blown, seriously!!! I thanked Taryn, a plethora of times, and all she said was, that she wanted to help me out somehow, and she definitely has... what an amazing friend!!

I then met my friend Aliska for our irregular, regular catch up - whilst walking down the main street, shopping and sipping our diet cokes we went into one of my favourite shops... not because of the clothes, but beccause of the owner, Nel. Nel is one of the kindest human beings on the planet, and I was chatting to her about this event and she went away for a few minutes, came back with a hug, and placed in my hand quite a large donation to support what I was doing... what a great egg she is!

God has been so faithful to me the last few months (not that he hasn't been previously!) but the sense of peace and favour I have felt from him over this journey has been beautiful. I love God so much. When you take a step out and want to see justice in an area... he will come running to help you in your time of need.

Frocktober is all about raising awarness of Ovarian Cancer, the money raised from tomorrow nights event will go towards research into an early detection for this cancer. As I am well aware, ovarian cancer is a silent killer, every 10 hours, one precious mum, wife, daughter, sister or grandma, is taken from somebodies life. Now that it has effected me, I want to do something about it.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

It's A Frockin' Good Cause!


On Saturday, dad and I were at the local IGA in Mundubbera looking at the notice board where we saw a flyer for 'Frocktober' - I read on because it had cool graphics... The only cafe in Mundubbera (La famille) was holding a fundraiser every Friday in October where you get your girlfriends together, wear a frock and have a coffee/tea together - the cafe then donate a percentage of the days takings to support Frocktober. I liked the sound of that!! Nothing better then getting together with my girlfriends, chucking on a frock and eating and drinking together... and helping a great cause!


I wanted to find out more, as I had never heard of Frocktober before (am I the only one?!) So, I got home and googled it straight away!!!! Frocktober aims to raise funds for the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation (OCRF) One woman dies every 10 hours from ovarian cancer... for many women with ovarian cancer, the disease is already well advanced when they are diagnosed. Unfortunately, there is no screening test for ovarian cancer. Frocktober aims to help improve the outlook for women with the disease by supporting the quest for a suitable, early detection test through fundraising for the OCRF. For more info on this initiative please visit

I haven't told you this yet.
Dad recently went to our family doctor for a check up, about 8 weeks after mum died. During his consultation they talked about mum and her very, very, extremly short fight with cancer (19 days). We never really got any answers off the doctors after mums death as to what cancer mum had as her primary, and not knowing has been really difficult. I know naming the cancer won't make anything better or whatever - but what I do know is that if I know, then I can keep an eye on my health, to make sure me and my future family is looked after.
Our doctor, had looked over mum's tests and blood work from those few weeks and he told dad at this consultation that the test and markers show that it was probably ovarian cancer. Blah. Which is the cancer she had been originally diagnosed with. The doctor told dad what Kirsty, Clare and I can do to make sure we don't have to fight the same battle my beautiful mummy did.
I want to help bring awareness to this horible, aggressive disease and help other women and their families, not have to endure the pain of losing someone so quickly through ovarian cancer.
Sooooooooooo....after speaking with my friends, and having their support - Ballina will be having a Frocktober event!! Date is to be confirmed tomorrow, so locals, clear your diaries in late October, because ladies, it's a frockin good cause!


Friday, October 1, 2010


Yes! Us Tyson's had some great news the Monday after mum's funeral. On the Sunday night, all 13 of us were having dinner at Kim & Bethy's. Daniel for some reason was having egg's on toast, Adele (my sister in law) has never been an egg fan and got one whiff of Daniel's eggs and had to leave the room...ha!

The next day Danny and Adele found out they were expecting baby No.1! Mum and dad's 4th grand baby! We were/are just alllllll soooooooo ecstatic.


Going through mum's stuff we found one of her most recent prayer journals, with many prayers written in it, but most predominantly the prayer for Danny and Adele to have a baby. We also found a little "my first Christmas" size 0000 that mum had purchased last Christmas, ready for this baby (Faith without works is dead! Go mum!!)
Baby Tyson IS a gift from God, so wanted and is already so loved and blessed. We are all so excited for this baby and it's future. We are also very sad that this baby, along with my other future neices and nephews and my babies to come that they will never get to meet their Ginny...

BT is due late March 2011... so excited!!!!

Until next time!

Big love & hugs,