Tuesday, November 30, 2010

It was 4 months on Monday....

I hadn't seen the headstone, so Monday afternoon dad & I went for a drive to Lismore to see her. It was so, very sad.
We arrived, and BAM, there's mum... pink headstone, surrounded by beautiful flowers, she'd love it - everyone else's headstone around her is the normal brown & gold... but hers, hot fuschia! She'll stand out for years to come!!

My mum hole is still very present, raw and very real... it's not something that I'll just 'get over', or be healed from instantly within a few months. I lost my mum very suddenly and it hurts. I have good days, I have bad days. But the best thing is I have Jesus & the holy spirit who are the ultimate comforters on those bad, sad days.

Much love,


Sunday, November 7, 2010

I've had a really bad couple of weeks...

My dad moved back into the house the other week, it's not because he's bad to live with, no - it's because, mum, dad & I used to live in the house, and dad being here... without mum just highlights the fact that she is gone, and will never walk in the front door ever again, ever....

It's hard readjusting to life without her
I miss her today.

Big love to you all

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I wish my mum was here....

Not only so I could see my dad laugh & smile & be happy again, but for me too. I've had some pretty important occassions over the last few weeks, that I would have talked with my mum about... Having my annual work fundraiser, my Frocktober event, going out for dinner with a lovely gentleman, losing weight & just chatting to her about the stuff that goes on everyday... She was always interested in the things that happened, no matter how big OR small they were, if they were important to me - they were so precious to her. Noone seems to be as interested about my normal everyday details of life that my mum did, but that's a mum for you - I'm so glad my mum, was my mum - what a great example she was - I'll strive to be the mum that she was for me, for my kidlets! Life is so very different without her here.
About two weeks ago, I held my Frocktober event, & raised about $450 - if anyone would like to make it $500 that'd be great (http://www.frocktober.org/) Next year will be bigger & better, & will raise more awareness & money for ovarian cancer research. Here are some pics from this fun evening! My mum's sister Helen came on the night, that was very special. These photo's are by my friend Casey Nipperess.




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Big love to you all!!!