Wednesday, March 16, 2011

So, about his loveliness...

The 2nd of March was mum's birthday. I had planned to go to work, just like every other work day, but dad was away and housemate was up the coast. I was alone in the house. Most days I can pull myselt together, but that day I couldn't. The tears wouldn't stop flowing. I called for a casual to come in and do my classes... I wasn't going to push myself.

Word got around to mum's Hill Street friend aka her bestie that I wasn't doing too well, she called that morning, came down from the Gold Coast - with chocolate in hand and took me out for an oyster lunch... we celebrated mum's birthday in style!

That afternoon, I wanted to go and see mum and wish her a happy birthday... Anthony and I had spoken several times about him and mum meeting - but had never before worked out a good time. So that afternoon, with a freshly shaven face and new shirt on, Anthony met my mum.

That evening, Anthony cooked me dinner and I got home just in time for Farmer wants A Wife. I iced the hot pink cake I had made, ate a piece and went to bed. I was exhausted...

On days like these, I miss my mum muchly.