Saturday, October 1, 2011

77 sleeps to go...

There's lots to do between now and December 17th...

- invites to go out
- invites to be made
- doily bunting to be sewed (and lots of it!)
- Band to be organised!
- decorations to be made (and bought!)
- bridesmaids to dress
- jewellery
- this list could go on.... But I'm gonna stop!!!!

The countdown is on, and I am enjoying the journey with Anthony Paul Pendlebury Brown, he's a good egg, and I am absolutely stoked to be marrying him. He's the kindest person I know.... I'm gonna forget about the list for now... it'll get done... if it doesn't, who cares (I know there's some people out there freaking as I say that! Ha!)
Anthony will be there December 17th and THAT is all that matters!

Much love


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