Friday, December 12, 2008

Life is Sweet!!

Hello fellow bloggers!

Well, I am trying to pick up my act in the whole blogging department...I don't know how to work many of the contraptions on this site...which makes me struggle a whole lot!

I am over my emo isn't perfect, and never will be, but life is a journey!!

Life this week has slowly getting better! The last week and the next week has and is massive for me I had my work Christmas party last night - good times! Youth Christmas party tonight - fun times, Swan Lake up in Brissy tomorrow with my sister, sister in law and lovely cousins!! I have Youth leaders christmas Party on Sunday, HSIE department Xmas party and have had 2 xmas parties previously! So busy, busy busy! I am also trying to fit in gym is full and hectic!!

Another thing!! My family is comin ghome for Christmas - minus Danny and Adele...but they will be up a few days after, but I am totally excited!! Can't wait to have everyone back and get a new family photo...I looked so icky in the last one!!!

There's my life this week!! Catch ya next time!


Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I've been away for a while now...this is a bit emo....


So I am sitting here at 10:30 at night listening to Brooke Fraser's song 'Shadowfeet'. It's currently on my MySpace profile - check it out - I love this song!

I am feeling a little emo at the moment! I feel like things around me are in chaos, that things for other people are happening for everyone BUT me - I am still at home (a boomerang child at that!) AND feeling like I can not handle things anymore!
But then as I think over my life, I feel so, so blessed! I have the two most amazing and loving parents on the planet, a job I completly love, a church that is just the best, and a God who is so faithful to the dreams and desires locked in my heart! I think about the chaos around me and know that there will be a calm in the midst of the storm soon, I know there is a man out there who God has entrusted to me and who God has devoted fully to me - handpicked! And I know that when I feel I can't do it anymore - that God doesn't give me anything I can't handle!! God is so much bigger then all of this!

Thats me!